“These words reveal the child’s inner needs: ‘Help me to do it alone.'”

~ Dr. Maria Montessori


“Like many parents, I researched TONS of schools and visited TONS more when my daughter was young. Last year she went to a lovely traditional preschool. This year, I am overjoyed to have her at Hopkins Montessori School. The school is, indeed, lovely…but it is so much more. The teachers are beyond fully-invested in the children. They work day-in, day-out on their social/emotional skills alongside their academic goals. Children are lovingly challenged with specific, meaningful tasks that build upon one another and result in increased confidence, pride in oneself, and ability to work together. The leaps she’s made since last year have been phenomenal. I am an anxious parent, yet I drop her off happily each day knowing that she is gaining so much more than I could have imagined. “

Jill K.

“We visited 7 Montessori pre-schools near our home in Edina in 2016 before selecting the Hopkins Montessori School (HMS). We wanted Montessori pre-school education for our 3-year-old son, and were very impressed by the creative spaces and lovely environment at the Hopkins Montessori School. Three months into the Fall semester, we are very happy with our choice. As parents, we recently observed with pride that our son behaved so appropriately and politely when interacting with cousins of all ages in a big family gathering. Furthermore, his vocabulary expanded so much that his grandma and other relatives commented on it. In addition, we are grateful for the assistance the HMS teachers provided as he transitioned to being potty-trained. They provided the motherly emotional support our little guy needed during his big transition to pre-school. In conclusion, we rate HMS a five-star pre-school with excellent value.”

Ying C.

“I relocated to Minnesota in August 2013 and was looking for a Montessori school that was educational and nurturing. My daughter, who hates change, felt comfortable within a few weeks. I was shocked! Terry Ladin and her staff are wonderfully nurturing and loving teachers! Hopkins Montessori stands out from other Montessori schools in the area because of their warm approach towards all of the children. It is a culture of patience and encouragement and the student ratio is perfect. But most of all my daughter loves going to school! It is a family community for the children and their parents. For transplants to Minnesota, Hopkins Montessori draws parents from all over the world, and has a great support network for those who are new to the area. We love the school!”

~ Allison F.

“My child excelled by leaps and bounds with Hopkins Montessori and its teachers. We watched him blossom into such a confident and capable child through the unique educational approach of Montessori taught so well by Señora Chris, Miss Rachel, and Miss Kim. They truly got to know my child and address his personal educational growth, all while giving him the strength to understand his own learning strengths and styles. We can’t say enough about this school!”

~ Lisa W.

“Our boys attended Hopkins Montessori for five years total and it was a wonderful experience. We love the Montessori philosophy of child-directed learning. We appreciated that, when our children were younger, they were able to learn from the older children. Then, when they were the older children, they were able to help the little ones learn. Our boys were very well prepared for Kindergarten when they left Hopkins Montessori and went on to Spanish immersion. Thanks to Señora Chris, they had already lots of exposure to the Spanish language! We love all the HMS teachers!”

~ Anne F.

“This is the third year my son has attended Hopkins Montessori and my younger son will be starting soon. We really enjoy the small, close-knit style of Hopkins Montessori. The Teachers are always willing to take time to speak with me when needed and I feel they really care for my kids. It’s easy to meet and get to know other parents and have play dates outside the classroom. We always look forward to the fun field trips that are planned once a month.”

~ Kim L.

“Hopkins Montessori offers a program catered to developing young minds through gentle guidance. Children are able to explore their world in a real and functional setting with tools to foster learning in practical life, mathematics, science, nature, reading and more. The teachers are so caring, and really allow the children to exercise their independence in a safe and enriching environment. My 3-year-old daughter comes home excited to show me what she’s created and learned and takes such pride in the work that she’s accomplished and created. She has grown leaps and bounds socially, academically, and emotionally. Hopkins Montessori provides everything and more for a young preschooler to explore their world.”

-Rebekah K.

“Hopkins Montessori School has been an incredible learning facility for my children. The teachers have met all of our expectations. Their compassionate hearts and dedication to each individual has truly enhanced our children’s ability to strive and to achieve more than their age ability. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the Montessori family. We would highly recommend Hopkins Montessori School to all our family and friends.”

~ Hopkins Montessori School Parent

“My son loves Hopkins Montessori! He is excited to see his teachers and friends. He is also excited to tell me about his day and I can see how much he is learning. The field trips and show-and-tell topics are very interesting and provide wonderful learning opportunities. I always feel that the teachers are available and forthcoming with communication. You can see they really care about each child. This school definitely has a warm and welcome environment.”

~ Sara W.


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